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EAP 1325Y - ETO CNC Router-AP Series 易德数控雕刻机AP系列

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EAP 1325Y - ETO CNC Router-AP Series 易德数控雕刻机AP系列 Router/CNC Cutting Machine Laser Cutting Machine

  • Germany imported high-grade ball screw, twin screw original Y-axis rotation.  
  • Imported linear square orbit, with a warning slider, high precision and speed.  
  • Air-cooled spindle power inverter, using the French advanced technology, NSK Bearings imported from Japan.        
  • 7-inch widescreen with LED color display. Machine structure is highly rigid high-precision assembly.          
  • Selected stepping servo, and optional world's leading wireless handheld Controller.
  • High-end series industrial machines, can be applied on printed wire board line, logo signs, furniture and wood carving.
Technical paremeter :

型号 AP-1325Y  单位
定位精度 ±0.05 毫米
变频主轴电机 3700
主轴最高转速 24000 转/分
刀柄直径 φ3.175/4/6/8 毫米
最高移动速度 25 米/分
台面尺寸 1360*3230 毫米
最大行程 1300*2500*110 毫米
外型尺寸 1890*3500*1460 毫米
电源电压 AC220V±10% /50HZ 伏特/赫兹
功耗 4.5 千瓦
重量 1080 公斤
Model AP-1325Y  Unit
Positioning Accuracy ±0.05 mm
Frequency Spindle Motor 3700 watt
Spindle Speed 24000 spind
Shank Diameter φ3.175/4/6/8 mm
Maximum Moving Speed 25 mm/point
Table Size  1360*3230 mm
Maximum stroke 1300*2500*110 mm
Dimensions 1890*3500*1460 mm
Voltage  AC220V±10% /50HZ Volts / Hz
Power 4.5 kilowatt
Weight 1080 kg

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