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EHN LWM, Laser Welding Machine

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EHN LWM, Laser Welding Machine Auto Bender/Welding Machine

Main Feature

·Results: after welding no black no deformation, firm and don't burnish, high precision.
·High efficiency: equipment which is open, the operation is simple, the welding speed is the traditional process of eight to ten times.                                
·Low cost: no need consumables, without surface treatment, do not need to employ a well-paid professionals. Sewing worker will learn immediately. The operation environment is comfortable, easy welding complex font.                                
·The high stability: the British import laser, life eight to ten years, stable performance, high power, xenon lamp out light number more than 8 million times. May 24 hours of continuous operation                                 
·Light and agile: before and after the up and down movement, laser head can rotate 360 degrees. The use of an extension light path. Suitable for all kinds of metal word welding.

Technial Parameters

Machine Model  ETFZ-300D
Pulse width  0.1-20ms 连续可调/Continuously adjustable
Pulse rate  0.1-200Hz 连续可调/Continuously adjustable
Viewing System CCD 摄像头加红光定位
  CCD Camera & Red light positioning 
Power <6KW
Power Source 220V/50Hz/40A
Working table type  纯铝台面/100% aluminium table 
Gun Body X direction moving range (-300,300)mm
Gun Body Y direction moving range 0-400mm
Dimension 1700mm x 740mm x 1300mm
Table Format 1000mm x 800mm
Net Weight 250Kg

Application Area         
Suitable materials: for all kinds of fine words. Seiko word and LED Metal welding forming.

Applicable industry: Widely used in industries like advertising logo, jewelry, cables, circuit boards, IC, electronic compomemts, etc.
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